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The beauty is in the simplicity


More about Christopher Morga and the cdlc

When I joined the ranks of recruiting, I learned directly from hiring managers what they looked for in their candidates and how they evaluated their next great hires. In year one alone, I had seen thousands of resumes and seen the patterns emerge. All of the best practices that landed people the jobs that they wanted.

Realizing I had skills that were in high demand and a background in IT Project Management, I made a choice to take all of the experience I had over 20 years and start creating a simplified framework that others could use to achieve the same results I had. Through this the CDLC was born.

Career development life cycle

The CDLC is a framework used for setting career goals and reaching them through simplicity. This proven framework is broken down into three phases:

  • Self Assessment

  • Preparation

  • Implementation

“I marry a combination of military training, project management methodology and recruiting best practices to create a purposefully designed framework I call the CDLC™ "Career Development Life Cycle" (the first of its kind), that will keep you moving forward to achieve what you set out to.”

It's all about purpose, focus and moving #Forward.




Our “why”

I want everyone to share in what I learned and now know by being on the other side. This is my mission. To teach everything to everyone. Everyone has a solution to offer. Click below to see why InvisiScope is your career acceleration solution.