The Power of Coaching

Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi

As we come to the close of another NFL season, I’ve been thinking more and more about what the similarities of an NFL coach and career coach actually are.

When we think of a coach, immediately what comes to mind is that signature polo coat and fedora worn by arguably the greatest football coach in history. Vince Lombardi - heck the man is immortalized in a trophy for “World Champions”.

Vince Lombardi embodies what any coach in any specialization achieves to be. A champion of talent. 

As a Career Coach, we constantly analyze many verticals in business to identify trends, regulations, position responsibilities, best practices, organization success/failure rates and so much more. We do this so that we can deliver a complete strategy for an entire professional lifetime.

Mr. Lombardi visualized a final goal - A championship win! From there he worked backwards game by game, quarter by quarter, play by play to ensure that each player leveraged their specific skills to take away the win. 

A Career Coach does much of the same. We ask a myriad of questions at the beginning of the partnership so that we can understand the clients’ goal, strengths and weaknesses, fears and desires all to help them devise a game plan for their overall professional success.

The "Coach" can help with all parts of the professional process including:

  • Introduction letters

  • Social Media marketing/branding

  • Cover letters/resume 

  • Interview strategy 

  • Networking effectively 

  • Post interview/offer strategy 

  • 30/60/90 day planning

  • Career acceleration 

  • And more...

For someone who wants to get the most out of their professional life to fulfill all of the other aspects of life, a Career Coach can be the best personal investment ever.

Think about what you want from your career and contact a Professional Career Coach today. You may be surprised to learn how strong you already are. 

Are you ready for your Lombardi trophy?

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